2 Sep, 2017
Age: 35
Status: on initial work permit

*Since the interviewee has chosen to remain anonymous, we have not published his real name. *

Why did you move to Sweden?

For studies

When did you move to Sweden?


What do you wish you knew about Sweden, when you first moved here?

That the job market would be tougher compared to other English speaking countries

How would you compare the Swedish work culture to your home country’s work culture?

I belong to a country where all sorts of work cultures exist. Therefore, Swedish work culture is unique in a sense that it is almost the same, everywhere in Sweden.

What’s your favourite part about living in Sweden?

Peace and security. Where democracy is practiced as best as it could be

What do you struggle with the most in Sweden?

Integration. In faulting myself, I am behind in learning the language and language is the key in Sweden. In my experience, Swedes are not that much closed as it is said. They are a bit extra cautious.

Will you fill in the form for the work permit extension application yourself?


Any tips for people doing the initial work permit application/extension?

Make it sure that all the necessary insurances are secured. Try to have a salary a little more than 13 000kr.

What’s the current state of you work permit application? When did you apply for the first permit/extension?

I have a work permit which is valid till September 2018

Learning Swedish
Written by Nicola Owen