Useful apps to have in Sweden

Useful apps to have in Sweden

14 Jan, 2018

Just arrived in Sweden and want to make sure you have all the right phone apps so you can settle in more easily? If so, here are some useful apps to have in Sweden

Banking app

Most of the big banks (including the main four) have an app in Android or iOS. Look up your bank name in the App store and you should be able to find an app for your bank there. If you want help choosing a bank in Sweden, have a look at this post

Public transport

If you live in Skåne, there’s Skånetrafiken, in Stockholm; SL, and in Gothenburg; Västtraffik.

National rail transport

If you want to travel around Sweden by rail, download the SJ app


Once you have Swish set up, you can easily transfer money over to your friends in Sweden and receive money, as long as you have Swish set up. Get in contact with your bank to set this up.

Investment apps

There’s Shareville and Avanza. You have the option to invest in individual stocks or in funds. This may be an appealing option to you if you have a lot of money saved. Interest rates in Sweden are currently very low (or non-existent, depending on which bank and which account you have)

Language learning apps

Duolingo and Memrise are a great place to start when it comes to learning Swedish. For more ideas on how to learn Swedish, read here.

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Written by Nicola Owen