Tips for dealing with Migrationsverket Part I

Tips for dealing with Migrationsverket Part I

28 Aug, 2018

Submit a complete application.

On the Migrationsverket website, you can see that if Migrationsverket requests more information - it can take longer. This is also mentioned in a few interviews by people who applied for work permit extensions e.g. Tania and Charles

From my experience, it took another two months to get a decision on my work permit extension because I didn’t submit all the documents needed. I received a letter asking for the extra documents and had approximately two weeks to provide them. But even once I provided them about 3-4 days later, it seemed that my case went to the back of my case officer’s queue.

This advice doesn’t just apply for work permits, also applies for sambo visas. If you have any questions about documentation for sambo visas, I suggest you check out the I Väntan på familjen Facebook group, mentioned in our earlier blog post.

**IF you are here on a residence permit, you can contact Försäkringskassan to understand your rights to compensation and what happens if your permit expires. **

For information in general, go here.

New appointment slots for fingerprints and photo come up

Once you get your positive decision for an extension, you’ll be asked to book an appointment with Migrationsverket to have your photos and fingerprints taken. As soon as I got my positive decision, I went on the Migrationsverket website to book my appointment at my nearest branch but there appeared to be no available slots for another 3-4 weeks. Harold told me that appointments tend to come up and that I should check each and every day. So I booked a later appointment anyway, then checked each weekday to see if any new appointments appeared.

On my 2nd day of checking, I saw that over 8 appointment slots opened up in the next two days at my local branch. I then proceeded to cancel my initial appointment and then book a new appointment at an earlier date.

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Written by Nicola Owen