Things to consider when renting an apartment second-hand Part I

Things to consider when renting an apartment second-hand Part I

14 Aug, 2018

You may decide that you don’t want to buy an apartment or are not yet ready to buy an apartment, and may find yourself looking for an apartment “second hand” or “andrahand”. After all, the waiting list for first-hand apartments are very long

Before we get into this, a few definitions:

First hand rental: You are renting from a real estate agency, e.g. MKB These are high in demand and rather hard to get in the big cites

Second hand rental: You are renting from a person, who either owns their apartment or is renting their apartment first hand.

First and foremost, has the landlord gotten approval from the association to rent out the apartment to you?

If so, for how long? Is there any possibility of extension? Generally, you’re looking at renting an apartment second hand for maximum 1.5 years, so don’t count on being able to stay at the apartment for longer

How much notice do you need to give your landlord if you want to leave early? How much notice does your landlord need to give you?

The notice period doesn’t necessarily have to be the same both ways. e.g. the notice period the tenant needs to gave may be 2 months, but the landlord may need to give 3 months

Have you gone through a checklist of items or the apartment so you know how it is when you get it? (this can be particularly helpful when making sure you could your deposit/bond back when you move out)

Feel free to make a list and/or take photos of things already damaged or scratched.

**Will the apartment be furnished or unfurnished? **

This is good to know, so you know how much move-in costs you have and if you need to do some extra shopping

What is included in the rent?

Things that may or may not be included are: water, electricity, internet, heating. The contract you sign should stipulate this.

Written by Nicola Owen