An example of a Andrahand Contract and terminology

An example of a Andrahand Contract and terminology

6 May, 2019

My fiance and I were sorting out some old paperwork and found a copy of our old second hand contract. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the terminology and the type of information that was included in our example.

First off, what is a second hand contract? You can read more about this here.

Here is some terminology and explanation of some things in the contract.

Uthyrare - the landlord; person who is renting out the apartment

Hyresgäst - the tenant; person who will be staying at the apartment

Our contract included information on the number of rooms and the “kvm” - number of square metres. It also included the address of the apartment that would be rented out.

Hyresperiod: Rental period. The period of time the contract was for.

t.o.m: till och med. This means up and until.

fr.o.m: från och med. This means from and including.

e.g. If your contract says fr.o.m 160801 t.o.m 170831 - this means you have the contract from August 1 2016 until August 31 2017.

Hyra - rent. (probably the amount you will pay each month, our contract said: “Hyra utgår med kr 9000 per månad för hela hyrestiden.”

Vid månadsbetalning ska hyran erläggas (each monthly payment will be paid by (either)):

a) kontant (cash)


b) inbetalning till konto (deposit into this account number) __________

Extra kostnader: extra costs. This could include electricity, tv, phone, car park. If you see the term “ingår ej” this means the costs are NOT included in the rent.

Deposition - deposit. Money that will be paid back at the end of the rental period, once the apartment has been inspected and approved by the landlord.

Uppsägningstid: notice period. This is how many months notice you need to give to terminate your contract.

3 månaders ömsesidig uppsägningstid: 3 months mutual notice period. Each party (both the landlord and the tenant) have to give 3 months notice to terminate the contract.

Written by Nicola Owen