Ideas to Save Money in Sweden

Ideas to Save Money in Sweden

7 Jun, 2020


On this site, you can buy things that would otherwise be thrown away because of:

  • Overproduction
  • Bad packaging
  • Seasonal trends
  • Almost at the best before date or just past the best before date


With the Karma app, you can easily find discounts on some of your favourite foods for a limited time. I find that these to be available later in the day, but you can find some good deals for breakfast and lunch as well.

You might be wondering, why are restaurants and cafes offering 50% (on average) discounts on some of their food?

It’s because of food waste. A lot of perfectly edible food gets thrown out. According to Karma’s website:

Despite one in four people globally struggling with food insecurity today, we also waste one third of all food that is produced.  

  • 20% of dairy products are wasted
  • 35% of fish and seafood are wasted
  • 45% of fresh produce is wasted
  • 20% of meat products are wasted


If you are looking for something specific, and want to get that item for the cheapest price possible - then Prisjakt is the website for you.

It’s a price comparison site where you can see how much that item costs at different retailers (and whether or not it’s in stock).


Here you can borrow things like strollers, tools etc. Maybe you need something? But only once? SO you don’t want to buy something. If that’s the case then check out Hygglo.

I discovered this site when I was looking for a travel stroller to borrow a few months ago but I noticed that have party items, trailers, power tools and so much more as well.


I love to read, but I’m not particularly keen on spending about 100kr on each new book I want to read.

Your local library probably has what you want, if not you can reserve it or (probably) request them to buy it. The ”request” service is available at Malmö libraries but might be available at your library too, you can check up on that.

There tends to be an extensive selection in other languages as well. (I’ve borrowed at least 30 books in English for adults the past 12 months and at least 20 books in English for kids the past 5 months)

Toolpool Malmö

If you’re based in Malmö and need to use a power tool, then check out Malmö Järnhandel’s Toolpool.

They have 24 things you can borrow including: extension cable, ladder, round saw, power drill etc.

It’s free to borrow these items. You just need to bring some valid ID.

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Written by Nicola Lindgren