Renting in Sweden

Renting in Sweden

15 Apr, 2018

The current housing situation in Sweden is pretty dire, low supply has driven the prices up, so how do you even go about finding an apartment? If you want to rent and are not yet ready to buy an apartment in Sweden, then check out our tips below.

In this post we’ll give some suggestions on how to get a contract and which resources to use.

First hand contract

A first hand contract is what you want: chances are you’ll get better value for money than a second hand contract. You deal with a real estate agency if you have a first hand contract and you have long term security.

Below are some real estate agencies, not listed in any certain order. The queue systems differs between them, and some requires a lot of queue time to get an apartment. For some of these agencies, the queue system means it’s first come first served - and you may have to wait for years. For others, you can apply and may find an apartment quite quickly. Some agencies require you to pay and register - others don’t.

  • Akelius
  • Stena fastigheter
  • Ikano bostad
  • Heimstaden
  • HSB
  • Stockholms bostadskö
  • Göteborgs bostadskö
  • Boplats syd

This is the goal but difficult to achieve, might require that you move between several second hand apartments while you look for these.

Second hand contract

Second hand contracts mean you deal with people who either a) own their apartment or b) Rent their apartment first hand (or second hand - but I would avoid that).

Second hand contracts don’t offer as much security as a first hand contract - they may be for 3 months or for a little over a year (more than 1.5 years is rather uncommon)

  • Blocket
  • Couchsurfing
  • Airbnb *Asking friends and friends of friends *Facebook groups - more on that here

Couchsurfing and airbnb are temporary solutions, so blocket is where you should focus on. Blocket is a marketplace that also has listings for apartments that people want to rent out. Either whole apartments or rooms in apartments.

People that put their apartments for rent often get a lot of mails and calls (we’ve heard it could be up to 50 in the first hour), so it’s important to stand out. Here are some points that might help:

  • Include a picture of yourself
  • Make sure you don’t make spelling errors
  • If you can provide references, do so (try and prove how you will be a good tenant)

Hopefully you found this useful, happy apartment hunting!

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Written by Nicola Owen