More Useful Apps to have in Sweden

More Useful Apps to have in Sweden

20 Apr, 2020

For our initial post on Useful Apps to have in Sweden, go here.


BankID is the leading electronic identificaiton app in Sweden - you can use this to log into all types of accounts including:

  • Internet Banking
  • Government Agencies
  • Insurance companies


A lot of perfectly edible food gets thrown out. Karma is working to change that by offering a cheap alternative. With this app you can find great offers (from what I’ve seen, usually roughly a 50% discount) at your local eateries


Looking for a way to easily save money? If you want to save money that you might’ve otherwise used to eat out for lunch (because you brought a lunch box) or you borrowed a book from your local library (instead of buying one), then Dreams is a great app to consider.

Other than the above examples, you can also set rules to automatically save money.

Parking apps

Parking apps make it easy to pay for parking. Two popular options are below:


Kivra is a way to receive letters and receipts digitally. With Kivra you can receive letters from dozens of companies including:

  • Your A-kassa
  • Skatteverket
  • Multiple insurance companies
  • Försäkringskassan
  • Pensionsmyndigheten

Note: You use BankID to authenticate as a user.


With the Postnord app you can track (trackable) parcels and letters that you are sending or receiving. You can also purchase postage for letters or parcels you want to send.

Espresso House

Espresso House is a large coffee house chain in Sweden. With the app, you can collect “stamps” with every 20kr you spend, after 9 stamps you get a free drink.

You can also load money onto an account, if you pay with the money on your account, you get a 10% discount.

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Written by Nicola Lindgren