Learn Swedish without SFI for free

Learn Swedish without SFI for free

23 Apr, 2020

There are many ways to learn Swedish for free, and without SFI (Swedish For Immigrants). I’ve already shared my experience learning Swedish with the more popular methods/resources.

Feel free to check them out here.

Meanwhile, I’d like to share some more more free ways to learn Swedish for free, that you might not have heard of. These are targeted at beginners to Swedish.

Learn With Oliver

My friend introduced me to Learn With Oliver shortly after I came to Sweden in the Fall of 2015. They have lots of quizzes you can do, flashcards you can download and other ways in which you can practice your Swedish.

I really enjoyed learning Swedish with this site and still come back to it from time to time to expand my vocabulary.


Although these were probably a thing for you at school, they are also a great way to practice your vocabulary. You get to learn the words not just by revising the flashcards, but also making them. I would often go through my flash cards and then when I was confident I knew a word, then I would throw away the card (so I can focus more on words that I was struggling with)

For vocabulary ideas, you can google phrases in the topics you are interested in e.g. ”swedish furniture vocabulary list” or ”swedish vocabulary list countries”

If you’re less hands-on, you can use the Tiny Cards app and make your flashcards there, or use one of the already-created flashcard sets.


In one of my previous blog posts, I shared my experience learning Swedish by listening to podcasts. But in my first year there was basically only one podcast I listened to - SwedishPod101.

This podcast is targeted at complete beginners to the language.

8 Sidor

When you’ve spent a few weeks studying Swedish and want to practice your listening and reading skills, then 8 sidor is a great starting part. Here you can listen and read to ’Easy Swedish” with the help of your native language if need be.

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Written by Nicola Lindgren