How to find a job in Sweden

How to find a job in Sweden

18 Aug, 2018

Here’s a list of resources and ideas you can use to help you with your job search in Sweden.


Arbetsförmedlingen is the Swedish Public Employment service and probably the one you have had your friends and family tell you about when you told them you are job searching.

Here you can search for work and find inspiration on how to find your next job.

According to their website, there is an introduction program, if you have recently received a residence permit. Before you can participate, you need to visit Arbetsförmedlingen and also have a personnummer (personal ID number). For more information on the introductory program, go here .


LinkedIn It’s a great idea to create a Linkedin profile to show potential employers what you have to offer. Here’s a helpful link that will show you how to create a good LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin is not only a good place to apply for jobs, but also to find companies that are in your industry, of the city you are moving to. This can give you an idea of which companies’ websites you can start targeting and applying for.

Approach companies directly

Approach companies directly, even if they are not advertising. Depending on which website you read, anywhere between 60-85% of jobs are not advertised.

Friends and family

Given the fact that a large percentage of jobs are not advertised - it definitely helps to tell friends and family that you are looking, that way they can let you know if they hear of something at their companies, and might even recommend you.

Social media

I’ve seen people use expat Facebook groups to both advertise for work and tell everyone they are looking for work. Twitter is another social media you can use to spread the word.

How to write a CV for the Swedish job market

Here is an excellent article in The Local which shows how to write a CV for the Swedish job market.

Learn Swedish

I’m not saying that you need to be fluent in Swedish to get a job in Sweden, but potential employers are bound to appreciate the effort you are putting in to learn Swedish. Other than SFI (Swedish for Immigrants), there are many ways you can learn Swedish

Get feedback

Get feedback on your practice interviews - practice with a friend who you trust would give you honest feedback. Get feedback on your Linkedin profile and CV. There may be mistakes or things that could be improved, that you, yourself, can’t see.

Use job search engines

Here are some job search engines you can use to find jobs in Sweden

Career Builder




Learning Swedish
Written by Nicola Owen