Facebook groups to join if you are coming or new to Sweden

Facebook groups to join if you are coming or new to Sweden

21 Feb, 2018

If you are about to move to Sweden or have arrived recently, here are some helpful Facebook groups to join.

Work Permits

For the past two years, Sweden has been deporting a lot of people who have work permits (roughly 20% of people for apply for an extension each month). This group exists so that work permit holders can share and exchange information on work permit requirements.

Work Permit Holders, Sweden

Moving to Sweden for family/love

If you are waiting outside of Sweden, to move to be with your family, join I Väntan på familjen.

If you are waiting inside Sweden, to get a residence permit based on your family ties (e.g. you had a visitor visa, a work permit, or a student visa initially), then join I väntan med Sambo infrån på Migrationsverket/Waiting in Sweden Sambo

MV Migrationshjälp This is a great group to join for people moving to Sweden to be with family. Magnus provides great useful advice for people here.

If you have received your residence permit, then Tillsammans Med familjen may be a useful group to join.

Apartment hunting (to rent)

You may be new to Sweden and not yet ready to buy an apartment. Using Facebook groups to find an apartment (or a room in an apartment) is one way to arrange accommodation.

In Malmö

Another one in Malmö

In Lund

In Stockholm

Another one in Stockholm

In Gothenburg/Göteborg

Note: If you want to find Facebook groups for apartment hunting in your city/town, then look up ”Lägenheter i "

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Written by Nicola Owen