Choosing a bank in Sweden

Choosing a bank in Sweden

31 Oct, 2017

One site where you can compare banks is Bankbetyg On the home page you will see the the overall rating people have given the banks and individual rating for different areas such as technology (“teknik”), fees (“avgifter”) and services (“tj√§nster”). At the end of each bank’s row, you will also see a blue arrow which you can click to find out more features of each bank.

A few tips:

  • Not all banks offer Swish, which is a common way to transfer money in Sweden. You just need the person’s phone number and both have Swish set up.
  • When you click on the blue arrow to see more details of each bank, on the right hand side in the “appar” section, you can see if the bank has a mobile app for your mobile device
  • Lastly, in the main section, in “grundinformation” you can see the contact opening hours (so if you have problems, you have an idea of how easy it is to contact customer support - some banks have very limited calling hours)
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Written by Nicola Owen