My Experience Giving Birth in Sweden - Part II

My Experience Giving Birth in Sweden - Part II

9 Apr, 2020

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Pain Management Options Available and the Childbirth Room

Once they discovered my cervix was dilated 3-4cm, we were admitted to the Förlossningsavdelning (childbirth ward).

In the room, we had:

  • A hospital bed
  • A bathroom that we shared with an adjacent room
  • An armchair for my husband
  • Storage area for our stuff

At this stage, I was encouraged to take a long hot shower and to walk around the hallways using an aid. I asked if they had a hot water bottle or a hot wheat bag I could use (they said they didn’t - and that I should have brought one).

In the hallway I also saw a small pool that you can use, and some swiss balls to sit on.

Getting an Epidural

Several hours later, they checked to see if I had dilated any further, but I had made no progress. After another few hours, one of the midwives suggested that I get some oxytocin, to make my contractions stronger, along with an epidural.

After several attempts, the first anaesthesiologist struggled to find a gap in my back to insert the epidural, so another anaesthesiologist was called.

The second anaesthesiologist explained how the epidural works and that it would block out the pain until I was almost fully dilated, then I would be able to feel everything as I pushed out the baby.

Once they had that in place, I was then given the oxytocin’s to make my contractions stronger.

About 45 minutes later, I felt different but couldn’t explain why. I just remember telling my husband I felt rather weird and he suggested I use the red button to call the midwife.

The midwife came and inspected me and saw that I was 9-10cm dilated. (That’s right - It took 45 minutes to progress from 3.5cm to 9-10cm)

Meeting our baby

Let’s fast forward a bit past the pushing and screaming straight to meeting our baby.

Soon after our baby came into the world I got to hold her and was encouraged to start breastfeeding (I was told they wanted to make sure that our baby could latch on properly). We soon found out our baby’s weight.

We were told that a doctor would do a check-up in a few hours, but the baby had to be at least X amount of hours old (can’t remember how many exactly).

My husband and I were given a bit of space with our baby for a few hours before we were wheeled to the BB avdelning (after-care department), since they needed our room for another childbirth. Turns out that that night was a very busy night and all of the hospitals in our region of Sweden were full.

We had opted for BB hemma so were just staying in the hospital so that we could have our baby’s check-up.

When we checked out of the hospital one of the barnmorskor (midwives) gave us a goodie bag full of stuff for the baby. We were also told that we can take the diapers that were in our cupboard in the BB avdelning (I didn’t know that there were diapers in there, so when I opened the cupboard I was pleased to find an unopened pack of Libero and Pampers diapers)

Written by Nicola Lindgren