Cash is not king

Cash is not king

7 Sep, 2017

When arriving in Sweden, it might sound logical to get some cash out to pay for public transport and other services. Think again!

Sweden is becoming a cashless society, most business ranging from public transport to banks and restaurants don’t accept cash. This is to reduce the risk of robbery and to make it easier for Swedes, since they would already have setup their monthly passes and got their credit/debit cards ready.

Can i pay any other way?

Swish is something that a lot of Swedes use, it is connected to your bank account and lets you pay directly to another person via their phone number. Swish is very convenient way to pay people, it is fast and easy and secure (you need to sign in with BankID). All you need is the person’s phone number for you to transfer money to their bank account (as long as they also have Swish). Using Swish requires you to have a Swedish bank account and a personal number.

So what can I do?

Make sure to buy a ticket for public transportation in a store or at a machine, not when you’re about to board. Also, check online to see if the restaurant you are going to, accepts cash. Lastly, keep in mind that not all banks have cash. If you want to make a cash deposit into a bank, some branches wont accept cash deposits (or let you withdraw cash there).

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Written by Nicola Owen