Buying an apartment in Sweden Part II: Hemnet in more detail

Buying an apartment in Sweden Part II: Hemnet in more detail

25 Oct, 2017

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Using Hemnet

[Here is an example of interacting with Hemnet to search for an apartment in Stockholm.] https://v.usetapes.com/gmO7l97TRS

I first searched for Farsta (area in Stockholm) I clicked on Bostadsrätt (apartment) I then opted to increase the search filters and then chose the option to have at least 2 rooms and 50sqm with a highest price of 2.250.000kr

Then i decided to show more options for my search: I added the max avgift (as said in previous post, your lånlöfte will mention a maximum amount this avgift can be) Lastly, I opted to hide apartments (last checkbox) that were sold before viewing.

Once the search results appeared, I zoomed in, to the Farsta T-Bana (subway station) and in this scenario I want to live close to the train station so it’s easier for commuting. I clicked on the apartment that is close to the train station.

We arrived on the View apartment page. When I scrolled down you can see the “Kom på visning” section which lists scheduled viewing times.

I clicked on the button that would give me more information about this apartment I’m interested in. It took me to the real estate agent website (the one that listed this in Hemnet).

Here are a few things we learned from apartment hunting and searching for apartments in Hemnet.

  • It can be useful to view the slutpriser (prices the apartments actually sold for) See here
  • Make sure you tick the “Borttagen före visning” checkbox so you don’t see apartments you can’t have
  • If there are features important to you like a balcony (“balkon”) or a dishwasher (“diskmaskin”) then you can use the keywords feature. But keep in mind that apartments that have these features may not show up when you use this keyword feature. If you want to make sure apartments have these features, then the “planritning” (layout plan of apartment) will show you if there is a dishwasher and balcony (or washing machine or dryer).
  • Not all apartments have washing machines and dryers - it is common to share a communal washing machine that you book.
  • You are able to set up email notifications of apartments that match your search criteria. In terms of booking appointments to view an apartment, in the first video, you’ll see there were some listed times - but you can also contact the real estate agent directly and ask to arrange a separate viewing.
  • A lot of apartments sell for higher than their asking price (you might want to keep this in mind when you are setting the highest price filter).

Buying an apartment in Sweden Part III: Visting the Apartment and the Bidding Process

Written by Nicola Owen