5 Tips From People who have moved to Sweden

5 Tips From People who have moved to Sweden

23 Apr, 2020
  1. (For Visa and residence permit applications), ”Try to make sure everything is correct the first time, because it will take even longer if something has to be revised later.”


  2. ”If you’re moving to live with a Swedish person, try to be understanding and aware that a lot of the paperwork and bureaucratic rigmarole is just as new and frustrating for them as it is for you. Understanding the language only makes it marginally more comprehensible!


  3. ”When your Swedish is ready, check out the flashback.org forum. People discuss all the things there, from tax deduction to relationship problems. If you’re looking for a list of good/bad districts in a Swedish town, this forum probably has it.”


  4. ”Be aware (especially if you came from a drinking country like NZ, Aussie / US) that alcohol is expensive, and strong beer and wine can only be bought from Systembolaget. In NZ we bought beer by the crate or box, here it is individually by the bottle. That being said, (and it took a few years) I like Systembolaget. It has a great selection of wines, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and reduces the binge drinking culture that plagues us in NZ.”


  5. (For Visa and residence permit applications), ”Talk to people who’ve done the process before! The wording on the applications can be painfully vague, and I’ve found it so useful to seek advice from people who have successfully navigated the process before.”


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Written by Nicola Lindgren